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Marquesitas A Culinary Gift to the Yucatan

Posted: May.08.2017

If you have walked a bit on the streets of Mérida, you will have noticed that in most parks, plazas, and at city events, every day and at all hours, there are street carts with the sign “Marquesitas”. Go on up to one of them and try this delicious snack, an ideal dessert to make you feel very Yucatecan.

The marquesita is a rolled crepe-type wafer approximately 20 cm...

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Maya Traditions: Hetzmek

Posted: May.08.2017

One of the ancestral Maya traditions which has endured until today is the “Hetzmek” ceremony, or Maya baptism, which takes its name from the way the child (under 6 months of age) is held on the left hip of the godfather or godmother. The ceremony is common throughout the Yucatán peninsula, and is ideally held during the full moon.

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