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New Platform!

Posted: Feb.10.2017

If this is your first time using Hero, you're in for a treat. Hero is the fastest and most powerful content management system and web development platform on the market!

Take a look around this default Electric theme and see what Hero can do right out-of-the-box. If you like this design, you can hop into the control panel and begin managing your conten...

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Protect your content!

Posted: Feb.09.2017

This blog post serves two purposes: (1) provide some nice default content for you to enjoy, and (2) show off our {protected_link} template tag! This simple tag, placed in your template, will protect any URL or file from being downloaded by site members who are not in the proper member group(s).

Just feed it two parameters (e.g., "{protected_link url="uploads/school_pr...

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